"It's Not Cybersex, I'm Showing it to a Doctor" as Skype GP Visits Set to Become the Norm

By Gary Cutlack on at

Doctors in the UK may soon start consulting with patients remotely, with the government putting plans into place that could see younger and more forward-thinking GPs able to consult with younger and more forward-thinking patients via video chat tools.

The plan is to modernise the public-facing bit of the NHS by encouraging surgeries to open up in the evening and at weekends, allowing users to book their appointments online, delivering prescriptions electronically and even, if there's something obviously and visually wrong with you, letting you wave the weeping/bleeding/broken bit at a webcam.

David Cameron announces the launch of the scheme today, with "one in ten" GP surgeries set to go a little bit digital as part of the £50m trial, allowing seven million potential patients to potentially experience the new future of being sick. [Gov.uk via Guardian]

Image credit: Webcam sex from Shutterstock