I've Never Wanted a Car as Much as I Want This Electric DeLorean

By Chris Mills on at

For a Back to the Future fan, ownership of any DeLorean is a dream. Restoring one so that it runs on electric power, even if it's sans a Flux Capacitor, is just unfairly cool.

The car's being restored by a team of student from Queen's University in Belfast, who got their hands on a run-down shell of a DeLorean from a cow shed in County Leitrim. The plan now is to modify the car so it'll run on electric power, rather than the petrol engine of yore. Sadly, I think it might involve more batteries and fewer lightning strikes than the movie's DeLorean, but you can't win 'em all.

According to one of the students, it's also going to have 'cool speedos', and you'll "be able to Bluetooth your phone to it and all that" -- all the mod-cons for any discerning time traveller. Plan is to have it on the road by late 2015. I'll get my Dr Brown lab-coat ready. [BBC]