Lettuce Mourn the Passing of Greenery in T.G.I. Friday's Burgers

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's as synonymous with a hearty burger as a portion of fries or a milkshake, but T.G.I. Friday's is now preparing to stop serving lettuce with its burgers. Turning over a new leaf, it believes that its diners won't miss the ingredient in its recipes.

While some argue that a crunchy lettuce leaf is necessary to add texture between the squishy bun and burger patty, the chain's development chef Terry McDowell believes that lettuce is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovative, tasty burger ingredients, and is happy to give it the chop.

"I think it was originally a marketing ploy," McDowell told the Metro. "Someone once sat down and decided, 'we need some green in that'. [...] I think during a trial, one out of 100,000 asked where the lettuce had gone. It doesn’t need to be in there to produce a great tasting product."

However, it romaines to be seen just how well the change will go down with the chain's regulars. But just be cos T.G.I. Friday's can take out the component, does that mean it should? Does the endive justify the means? What do you think -- can you make a little gem of a burger without a helping of lettuce? [Metro]