Looks Like TfL is Going to Trial NFC Mobile Payments (Again)

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite suggestions that NFC payments on public transport are just too god damn slow, it seems Transport for London is going to be trialling the technology once more with some help from EE and Vodafone.

If the trial is successful, the resulting system would function exactly the same as the current Oyster Card scheme. You top up your phone via ticket machines, or online. Paying for the tube/bus is the same as it is now, just hold your phone to the yellow pad. Not exactly complicated stuff.

There's no indication whether this will actually improve (read: speed up) the payment system, because let's face it, it won't be all that different from using an Oyster Card. Yes finding your phone is a lot easier than fumbling around in your wallet, but will it stop people from blocking the barriers because they're too busy fumbling around in their pockets? [Engadget]

Image Credit: TfL