Married With Children is the Best Way for the Modern Spy to Blend in

By Gary Cutlack on at

A female spy has outlined her work with the UK's MI6 intelligence agency, claiming that the modern world sees female spies with husbands and children as the future of surveillance, due to them being perceived as less of a threat. And the old "better at multitasking" myth has raised its head again, too

The anonymous female spy, who the Times refers to as Lisa in its interview, says women make "bloody good spies" thanks to their greater empathy, supposed higher levels of multitasking support via WomanOS 7.1, plus a general ability to blend into the background better when carting along a pram and other traditional lady accompaniments.

Lisa says married women are also seen as "less of a threat than a single female" when out and about on a deep cover missions in casinos, deserted island hideaways, space stations and the like, so be on your best behaviour next time a woman and her kids plonk themselves down next to you on the bus. [Times via Huffington Post]

Image credit: Woman with camera from Shutterstock