Mystery Meat to be Investigated as "Lamb" Curries Return Mixed Results

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tests on a range of takeaway curries in London and Birmingham have found that lamb is often being substituted by and cut with cheaper meats, with 24 out of the 60 lamb curries tested containing chicken, beef and other types of meat as well as lamb.

The Which? test found that seven of the lamb dishes it ordered contained no lamb at all, with a further five containing meat so processed it was unable to tell exactly what it was originally. How appetising. The latest mislabelling results have prompted the UK's Food Standards Agency to order a new series of tests on meat products sold in the UK, with local authorities asked to crackdown on food suppliers' sleight of meat.

Can people really not tell the difference between chicken and lamb? And is it putting you off tonight's blow-out or not? [Guardian]

Image credit: Takeaway from Shutterstock