NekNomination Moron Eats a Live Goldfish, Gets Arrested

By Chris Mills on at

Consuming a goldfish (and a pint of Jager-infused beer as a chaser) is stupid; doing so, and then posting the results on the internet so that the RSPCA can hunt you down, however, is a whole new bottom-drawer of boozy intelligence.

In the video 22-year-old Gavin Hope posted to Facebook, he can be seen preparing his drink (beer + some random spice + Jager + an egg -- yummy!), then showing off his poor goldfish to the camera, before swallowing the poor fish and then washing it down with his concoction (presumably before puking it all up about three minutes later). Unsurprisingly, the RPSCA didn't take kindly to the stunt, and Hope was fined £300 for animal cruelty.

In case you're wondering why someone's idea of a good night in is rampant alcoholism followed by casual sadism, it's actually part of a NekNomination: an internet meme where your friends nominate you on Facebook, following which you have 24 hours to make a video showing you consuming alcohol (the weirder the better) and then nominate two more people. Like a chain letter, but with more vomit and fewer lottery winners. [Sky News]

Image credit: Wolf of Wall Street