Nike Could Play a "Significant Part" in Apple's Future iWatch Plans

By Gary Cutlack on at

Days after it emerged that Nike is binning its Fuelband wearable range we've possibly found the reason why, with rumours suggesting the sportswear specialist may be helping Apple's hardware team launch its first wearable later this year.

The rumour, published by GeekTime, claims Apple's anticipated wearable is likely to be a sports-themed activity thing rather than a full smartwatch, with Nike joining Apple's team to take some of the credit for it -- and suggesting it ought to be thought of as a dual launch from both Apple and Nike.

The site's sources also claim that Apple's sports-band-watch-thing is likely to be more of an update of the Fuelband series in spirit, rather than an all-new attempt to solve the ongoing yes-but-why-would-you-actually-want-one? smartwatch conundrum. [GeekTime via Techradar]