Nike Skunkworks Vandalises/Enhances Classic De Tomaso Pantera

By Gary Cutlack on at

The De Tomaso Pantera was one of your standard Italian pointy sports cars from the 1970s, rather nice for its time but now looking a bit aged. Like a sideboard. It took an intervention from shoes people Nike to create the above Pantera re-imagining, helped by custom car company Ringbrothers.

The result is bonkers and yellow and looks like this:

And, seeing as Nike helped with the design and interior, it made some matching shoes to go with it, although it's unlikely they'll ever be sold or worn, as it's all just a kind of advertising stunt thing so you might consider spending £120 on some Air Force 1s next time you're idly browsing Sports Direct at lunchtime.

And they look a bit stiff. See more photos and way more words and facts about the car and the work that went into creating and redesigning it over at Jalopnik.