Now Even Sous-Vides Have Bloody Smartphone Apps

By Gary Cutlack on at

New kitchen tech buddy Mellow is a bit like a Nest for food, allowing owners to automate the sous-vide slow-cooking process remotely via an app. If you've bothered setting up everything before going out, that is.

The Mellow machine is a combination of fridge and slow cooker, so you can stick your duck or beans or whatever inside it and have them kept at a healthy temperature, before it begins warming up your artisan dinner either at your command via the app or according to a preset schedule.

It has onboard Wi-Fi for receiving your orders, plus built in scales for weighing food and therefore knowing how long to reheat that boiled egg or whatever it is people use these weird tank things to cook. If it cleaned itself afterwards we'd be keen, but the spec sheet doesn't say anything about self-wiping arms. Which, at $400 (£240) for a posh Wi-Fi saucepan, it really ought to have. [Mellow via Slashgear]