Oedipal Heartbleed Hackers Attack Mumsnet

By Gerald Lynch on at

Mumsnet, the parenting blog with 1.5 million registered users, has been hit by hackers exploiting the Heartbleed bug, with the site becoming the first confirmed victim of the security flaw.

The security hole was brought to the site's attention by the hackers themselves, who used the log-in details of site founder Justine Roberts to post messages online. They revealed the hack had been made possible due to the Heartbleed bug, and that the passwords of all users may be at risk -- not to mention the credit card details and further log-in information for those that used the same passwords across multiple sites.

“We have no way of knowing which Mumsnetters were affected by this. The worst-case scenario is that the data of every Mumsnet user account was accessed," said Mumsnet in an email to its users.

“It is possible that this information could then have been used to log in as you and give access to your posting history, your personal messages and your personal profile, although we should say that we have seen no evidence of anyone’s account being used for anything other than to flag up the security breach, thus far.”

All users that created an account with the site on or before Saturday are now being urged to change their passwords.

Image Credit: Young Woman working on laptop computer while holding sleeping baby from Shutterstock.com