Pensioner's WWII Shell Causes Museum Bomb Scare

By Gerald Lynch on at

A pensioner's well-intentioned donation of an unexploded World War II shell to a local museum resulted in an army call out last weekend, over fears the device may still have been live.

A unit from the Royal Logistic Corps Bomb Squad was called to Chertsey Museum in London after curator Emma Warren was alerted to the potential dangers of the exhibition item. The shell had been one of a number of explosives that had fallen into a gravel pit during the Blitz on the night of October 19th, 1940. Though it never exploded on impact, it had never been formally disarmed either, leading to a slight chance that it could still blow. The museum was evacuated while the bomb squad tentatively looked at the device.

Thankfully, the panic seems to have been all for naught: the bomb disposal experts examined the shell off site (along with two other devices lacking paperwork), and found them to be safe for exhibition. The items will be returned to Chertsey Museum in the coming weeks. [Standard]