'Pioneering' Research Shows Binge Drinking = Violence

By Chris Mills on at

Cutting-edge research out of Cardiff University has today proved something that every kebab-shop proprieter has long known: that there's a correlation between binge drinking and violence.

Specifically, the university's violence and society research group has documented a decrease in the levels of serious violence across the country every year since 2001 (apart from 2008, which saw a seven per cent increase).

Although the group's director, Professor Jonathan Shepherd, admits that "we don't know all the reasons why" violence is falling, he links a fall in binge drinking and a recent rise in the price of alcohol to the decrease in people getting their face punched in: a dangerous 'correlation-assumes-causation' type argument, for sure, but one that makes sense, given the state of a typical High Street on a Saturday night. [Guardian]

Image credit: Angry Drunk from Shutterstock