You Can Push the Acer Aspire U5-620 Desktop PC Down and Show it Who's Boss

By Kat Hannaford on at

If desktop PCs are still your bag, Acer's new 23-inch touchscreen all-in-one has just popped out with dual digital microphones and a full HD forward-facing wide-angle camera, making it a decent Skype-friendly computer.

Like Acer's other recent desktops in the Aspire line, the Windows 8.1-running touchscreen U5-620 has anti-fingerprint coating, ideal when you push the ergonomic display between -5 to 25 degrees with your fingers on the screen as opposed to the more sensible bezel option.

Given its flexible viewing angles and wide display, it'd make a decent TV replacement too, what with the Dolby Digital Plus audio and full HD IPS display. Plump for the optional NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics, if you have the cash. Internally, you can kit it out with up to 1TB of storage with 16GB of memory.

On sale in Europe at the end of May, starting at 899 Euros.