Rumour: HTC One M8 Will Get a Mini Mate in May

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's arguably the best smartphone the company has ever made, so it's unsurprising HTC is looking to capitalise on the praise being heaped onto the HTC One M8 with a Mini version. We'd heard previously that it was on its way, but what's surprising is quite how quickly that HTC is looking to turn it around -- a May launch in the UK is being reported. has spoken to a retailer that claims to have information on the launch, a source that has previously accurately detailed the release of the Sony Xperia E1.

In terms of specs, the HTC One M8 Mini will shrink down to 4.5-inches in size, with a 720p HD display looking likely. The Duo camera, capable of impressive bokeh shots in the full-fat M8, will be replaced with a standard single-sensor on the rear. [ via Unwired View via Trusted Reviews]