Ridley Scott to Produce Second Halo "Digital Feature Project" for Microsoft

By Gary Cutlack on at

A variety of Hollywood names are rumoured to be attached to Microsoft's other Halo live action project, with famed director Ridley Scott said to be onboard as executive producer. This isn't the Spielberg-produced Xbox-exclusive series. It's something else. Something bigger.

Sources speaking to The Wrap claim director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan is onboard the mystery Halo project, a man who has a varied career directing TV sci-fi, creating episodes of Battlestar Galactica, Heroes and the Sarah Connor Chronicles, as well as assisting Steven Spielberg on some of his biggest hits. When it comes to gruff soldiers shooting "laser beams" at each other in space or in the future, he's the man.

As for the management, this particular Halo project is being executive (executively?) produced  by Scott and David Zucker, both names we vaguely remember seeing on screen at the beginning and end of things that weren't rubbish. And Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring is apparently favour to write it all, not that Halo really needs much writing.

This alternative Halo project, in which a man is rumoured to repeatedly shoot things until they die or explode, pausing perhaps to make a wisecrack or observation before moving on to shoot something else, could be revealed at gaming event E3 this June. [The Wrap via CVG]