Rumour: Apple's iWatch to Muscle in on an iPhone 6 September Event?

By Gerald Lynch on at

With Google showing its wearables hand with the reveal of Android Wear and its forthcoming slew of compatible devices, the attention now turns to Apple. The long-rumoured iWatch is now being tipped for a September reveal -- alongside the iPhone 6.

That's according to supply chain sources speaking to DigiTimes. It claims that Apple is testing out circuit board samples from three companies, destined for the smart watch. The same sources are anticipating a September launch for the device, which (if Apple's annual product cycle is anything to go by) would be around the same time you should expect to see the iPhone 6 land. If the two are indeed sharing a stage, it would suggest the iWatch is a companion device to Apple's iPhone line, rather than a standalone device.

A healthy pinch of NaCl of course comes along with this, but with Google actively showing interest in the smart watch area, it may soon be time for Apple to show its hand too. [DigiTimes]