Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom to "Kapture the Moment" at April 29th Event

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you like your smartphones with a side helping of optical zoom, Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom was the frankenphone for you -- provided you had pockets big enough to fit it in. Samsung's second stab at smashing the worlds of phones and dedicated camera equipment together now looks set to be revealed this month, with the company planning to "Kapture the Moment" at an April 29th press event.

So far, we've had only a sneak peek at the S5 Zoom (also known as the K Zoom, borne out by the "Kapture" spelling in the invite). It's slated to include a 20MP sensor and 10x zoom according to an earlier leak, with Android KitKat running on a 4.8-inch, 720p display powered by a Samsung Exynos 5 six-core processor. [SlashGear]