Samsung's 2014 Rumoured to Involve Showing a Galaxy Note 4 at IFA

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung would appear to be sticking to its winning product lines and the timelines in which it updates them and makes everything half an inch or so bigger, with rumours from its homeland claiming the Galaxy Note 4 will appear at the IFA tech event as did its forefathers.

The Korean Times quotes sources who apparently work for one of Samsung's parts suppliers, who say that there will be both HD and ultra-HD variants of the phone at the September event, plus an LTE-A model for countries with posh new masts and 3G versions for third-world countries and other people who don't live in cities.

Another option is that there may be a 64-bit processor inside it, with the source saying that "some variants" may have 64-bits of power. It's all a bit vague, really, but will almost certainly happen thus. [Korea Times via Techradar]