Sewer "Fatberg" Threatens to Flood Oxford with Human Waste, Will Ruin Your Lunch

By Gerald Lynch on at

A giant blockage consisting of wet wipes, human waste and fat in an Oxford sewer is "out of control" according to Thames Water. Threatening to make life a misery for local residents by causing a filthy back up into plumbing systems and toilets, it's led to the collapse of the system under Hollybush Row.

It seems that wet wipes are acting as a glue for waste materials flushed down toilets and sinks, clogging together and hardening. Now, a two week clean up job (which includes the closure of an above road) must be carried out to prevent a seriously disgusting flood.

"Wet-wipes cling to the fat, fat clings to the wipes and pretty soon your fatberg is out of control," said Thames Water's Anthony Crawford. "[...] It is vital we clear this blockage before people suffer the misery of sewer flooding."[BBC]

Image Credit: The Guardian