Shooting Challenge #31 -- Spring. The Winner Is…

By Martin Snelling on at

In our most recent Shooting Challenge we set you the task of photographing the joys of Spring. While the weather wasn’t great, it didn’t dampen your spirits and you created some cracking images.

As usual, the calibre of entries was very high, so I thank you all for taking the time to capture the world around you.

This week’s recipient of the virtual Shooting Challenge trophy and some actual seeds for planting at home is Spencer Hart for his three images which perfectly captured the Spring weather on different fauna and flora. I loved Spencer’s use of a wide aperture (f1.8) to create a nice shallow depth of field that really makes the subjects stand out from the background.

Here’s a few words from Spencer:

The images were taken using an Olympus OMD EM5 and Panasonic 20mm. My idea was to photograph rain drops on flowers, because it's not a British spring if it's not raining. This morning I took my camera out, set the aperture at f/1.8 to get a blurred background, and started snapping. These were my favourite images. I boosted the sharpness and colours in Lightroom.

Well done Spencer, a well-deserved win.

As is customary, honorable mentions (in alphabetical order) must go to the following people:

Alex Spring -- a nice close up and composition:

Dee Ireland -- a good capture of a bee pollen farming (or playing hide and seek):

Dhina K -- good depth of field to isolate a branch:

Joshua Stupple -- another well-captured image of water on fallen petals after a storm:

You can see all of the entries over on our Flickr page; so head on over there and let us know which ones are your favourites in the comments below.

There will be another Shooting Challenge again next week (April, 16th) so get those camera batteries charged up.

Martin Snelling is a Hampshire-based photomatographer and wearer of fine hats. He tweets here, Flickrs here, and does his website stuff here.