Sony FMP-X5 Media Player Streams 4K Netflix (So, Just House of Cards, Then)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's latest angular black box is designed for owners of older Bravia TV sets who want to upgrade their home cinema bullet-points to feature 4K streaming, bringing an HEVC decoder to owners of the 2012 and 2013 KD-84X9005, KD-65X9005A and KD-55X9005A model TVs.

Plug it in and the wide world of 4K streaming content is your, which means the odd episode of one series of House of Cards via HEVC 4K streamer Netflix, plus some tech demos of hot air balloons and flamingos. Support for Google's YouTube VP9 ultra-HD format is "under consideration."

Just £350 buys you this curve-leading ability when it launches in August. [Techradar]