Star Wars: Episode VII Has Begun Filming Even as Casting Continues

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Force is strong with Disney's first stab at bringing the Star Wars universe back to cinemas, with a studio boss announcing that the production's cameras have already started rolling weeks ahead of schedule.

The news was revealed by Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"We're actually shooting some of it now," the studio executive revealed, despite reports that filming would begin in six weeks time. It's unlikely however for this to be any more than additional or location shooting, as Horn also revealed that the film's final cast has yet to be pinned down. Speaking of the main actors, Horn stated that "we have a lot of them [in place] -- we're just not completely done yet."

The most recent casting rumour saw Girls star Adam Driver being linked to a villainous role, while original trilogy stars have long been rumoured to be making a return.

Those concerned about the Mouse House's takeover of the sci-fi franchise will be relived to hear that the studio is putting story concerns first. "It's all about the screenplay," stressed Horn. "It has to be screenplay, screenplay, screenplay." Horn stated that the script, unlike the cast, is now in a final state, following director J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan's rewrite of an initial Michael Arndt script. [The Hollywood Reporter]