Sugar Cum Pills Turn Your 'Happy Time' Secretions Into Dessert

By Gerald Lynch on at

Some people love it, some people hate it, but when in the throes of passion one ventures south, the inevitable finale can quite literally leave a sour taste in the mouth. Unless you've invested in a pack of Sugar Cum pills, that is.

An energy-boosting, libido-fuelling, sex-juice-sweetening three-in-one wonder pill, it uses extracts from pineapple, acai and papaya fruits to make sure your climax is as tasty as possible. I wouldn't necessarily expect gourmet results, but with the pills being marketed at both men and women, at least all sexes can take the plunge and see for themselves whether it does the described job.

A five-day supply from HiPleasures costs $19.99 (£12.62), with $14.99 (£9.05) international shipping fees. [Jezebel]