Super-Creepy Phone Shop Worker Convicted of Stealing Customers' Nude Photos

By Gerald Lynch on at

What's the worst experience you've had in a phone shop? A disinterested worker, unable to get you the tariff you want perhaps? Sure, that's frustrating. But that's nothing compared to having a gross shop worker take your phone in for "repairs", only later to find he'd been getting off on your private photos.

Sales manager Lee Hawkes of Swansea was convicted this week of unauthorised access of data and a voyeurism offence. Working for a phone repairs shop in Brecon, Powys, Hawkes had first encouraged one lady to purchase a new phone. Concerned she would lose her data, Hawkes offered to transfer the files in question across to the new phone. Once the lady's handset had been left with Hawkes, he explored her phone -- despite only being allowed to transfer contacts. On it, he found sexually explicit images of the lady, and transferred them to his own personal smartphone before moving them to his computer.

In a second incident, Hawkes was helping a lady when explicit photos of a man were sent to her device. Hawkes gained the lady's trust, took the phone, and proceeded to transfer another series of sexually explicit images to his personal device.

Overall, Hawkes took 48 images from the first lady, and 135 from the second. It was only his boasts to a co-worker that resulted in his misdemeanours being discovered.

Hawkes was given a combined total of seven months in jail for the two offences, on a 12 month suspended sentence. His name also now sits on the sex offenders register.

It seems an obvious thing to state, but if you insist on taking saucy photos of yourself on a phone, don't leave them on the device when you send it in for repairs. Mr Hawkes won't be the only person that thinks he can get away with nabbing a sneak peek of your private photos. And private parts. [BBC]