Tea Cup Slingshot Drains and Stores Your Used Bags

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Tea Cup SlingsHOT is a new innovation in beverage consumption, combining a mechanism for draining a tea bag with a bespoke onboard used bag storage facility, allowing users to wander away from the kitchen and get back to their busy lives with the tea bag still in the cup.

A clever idea, but the problems with this concept are twofold. Pulling the string of a tea bag with the degree of force illustrated in the concept image will tear it away from the bag, so unless the maker of the cup is also planning to launch a proprietary tea bag format with enhanced string attachment strength and durability, it'd be useless.

Plus the worst thing in the world to have to deal with is a cold tea bag once the sweet hit of hot tea has dispersed. The only sensible option is to dispose of them while warm, pre-drinking. And for those reasons, we are OUT. [Design Milk]