The Best (and Worst) of April Fool's Day 2014

By Kat Hannaford on at

It's the most dreaded day of the year, particularly for tech bloggers who have to be extra-watchful for spurious rumours and chancers' product announcements. But that doesn't mean there aren't some real doozies that are worth a chuckle or two. Step over the banana skin on the floor, and take a gander below.


1) Morphsuit's Invisible Suit

Morphsuits, keeping stag parties clothed in skin-tight novelty leotards since 2009, has "broken the silence" on a "secret R&D project" from "ex-NASA scientist Mark Rober." They've done what Harry Potter could only pretend to do -- make an invisible suit (which the company is calling the Hollow Man Morphsuit). Thanks to "advanced image projection and 'light bending' technology," wearers are fully-invisible (and nice and sweaty thanks to the spandex). Only £999.99! Read More >>


2) Gmail Shelfie

Announcing the new custom Gmail theme on Google's blog, Gmail's Software Engineer Greg Bullock wrote "we think it's a tragedy that your handsome hair, luscious lashes and beautiful brows have been trapped in your own inbox. Until now, that is. Today, we’re proud to free your selfies by launching Gmail Shelfie, the SHareable sELFIE." The only problem is, it actually works... Read More >>


3) Tesco Cudl

Thanks to new "springback" technology, Tesco has been able to tether two of its Hudl tablets to one another, so couples can never be apart -- from each other, and their technology. As the product page asks, "what's more fun than a selfie? A double selfie!" Hold me. Read More >>


4) Firebox's Cranston Pickle

Calling it "worryingly moreish," the Bryan Cranston Pickle from Firebox is of course blue, just like his on-screen character Walter White's crystal meth. Bet it tastes a treat on an oatcake with a wedge of cheddar. Read More >>


5) BMW ZZZ series

Forget the ultimate driving machines BMW normally creates, its new "ultimate sleeping machine" could actually change the world. I think we're all longing for an adult-sized BMW cot. Read More >>


6) Domino's edible box

And you thought these pizzas were a bad idea. Domino's Edibox is the world's first edible pizza box, with the greasy purveyor asking "why think outside the box, when you can eat it?" It better come with about 10 of those garlic and herb dip suckahs, is all I'm sayin'. Read More >>


7) Nokia 3310 Windows Phone

Not wanting to contain the WinPho love to its Lumia range, Nokia's now overhauling one of the key releases from its archive with Microsoft's platform -- the much-beloved 3310, first released back in 2000. It's even got a 41MP PureView lens. If it still has Snake, I'm upgrading today. Read More >>


8) The Fowndry's Force paint

With Wi-Fi boosting properties in Sith and Jedi hues, walls are turned into routers so every gadget can use the force to find the droids you're looking for. Or something. Available in Carbonite and Hoth White shades, for £34.99 a tin. Read More >>


9) Ginsters' caviar and white truffle pasty

Chalk this one up in the "wish you were here" pile, Ginsters' caviar and white truffle pasty, available for £14.14, will certainly give those hangovers a premium upgrade. Read More >>


10) Thorpe Bark

Surrey's Thorpe Park is renaming itself as Thorpe Bark and throwing open its doors for man's best friend. Can't handle the Saw ride? Rover will do you proud. Read More >>


11) Samsung Fly-Fi

Targeting central London's lacklustre free Wi-Fi offerings, the Fli-Fy roll-out will see micro-routers attached to those rats of the sky, pigeons. According to Samsung, when 50 pigeons are in a pack, signal strength can exceed 4G. Read More >>