The Cornish are to Become a "National Minority" a Bit Like the Welsh

By Gary Cutlack on at

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is going to Bodmin! That's in Cornwall. It has two car parks and at least two bakeries that do very nice pasties. Alexander will use his trip to announce national minority status for the Cornish people, ranking them alongside the Scots, Welsh and Irish as a separate Celtic group.

There will be no new rights afforded to the Cornish under the change, although it requires the UK to add Cornwall to a list of special people and places and to attempt to "combat discrimination and promote equality" in the region somehow. Hopefully it'll stop people putting peas and carrots into pasties, and may perhaps elevate the local term "proper job" -- a way locals infer their approval -- to national prominence.

What it'll probably boil down to, though, is a slightly higher profile for the county and therefore even more cars battling for the three convenient parking spaces in the centre of St Ives this August. And maybe Jethro might get on the telly again. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Polperro from Shutterstock