The Internet is Becoming the UK's Preferred Illegal Drug-Buying Option

By Gary Cutlack on at

Forget badgering tramps in underpasses, the new, gentrified way of buying legal and illegal drugs in the UK is online, with the 2014 Global Drug Survey showing we're buying more dodgy prescription and illegal chemistry through the internet than ever before.

The survey asked 80,000 users about their drug-buying ways. Of the UK respondents, nearly a quarter said they'd bought through an internet channel, with last-generation illegal high cannabis the most popular online buy, followed by MDMA, LSD and mentally beneficial tranquilliser ketamine.

Survey director Dr Adam Winstock said: "It is currently a minority way to get drugs, but it really mimics the growth in e-commerce -- we buy things online because it is convenient, cheap, and there is a better product range." And we take advantage of the easy availability too, with the survey finding that nearly 74 per cent of of UK respondents had taken something illegal in the last 12 months.

And we're doing a good job of it, with Winstock saying of the UK's booze and drug consumption: "The UK just does not do things in moderation. We come out as some of the largest drug takers, taking a broader range of drugs that are reasonably cheap." [Guardian]

Image credit: Drug deals from Shutterstock