The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

I'm a big fan of sarcasm; if it was possible to have super-human sarcastic abilities then that's what I'd get in a nuclear accident. The problem is that sarcasm relies on tone of voice more than anything, so it's impossible to denote sarcasm 100 per cent of the time. Sarcastic, or douchenozzle? You will never know. On an unrelated note, here's your weekly dose of mobile appery.


iPhone Apps

Moldiv - Collage Photo Editor: One for the artsy folk out there, Moldiv is a collage maker that lets you build and customise designs right on your phone. With frames, stamps, and image effects you'll be able to easily make something visually pleasing. The new update includes a brand new design, more effects to choose from, and an upgraded camera. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

The Telegraph: The mobile app that brings you the very best news from The Telegraph. With hi-res image galleries, the latest news, and real-time sports and financial updates. The app has been redesigned from the ground-up for iOS 7, with the option to follow topics of interest. [Free -- with subscription]

Notability: A note-taking app that covers all the bases to make your note-taking as easy and natural as possible. Whether it's typing, writing, doodling, annotating, or audio. The new update includes new features for audio recording that includes tying it in with notes and annotations so they appear together in real-time, and different playback speeds so you can transcribe at a pace that's comfortable for you. [£1.99]

Cut the Rope - Time Travel: Similar to the regular version of Cut the Rope, but here you have two monsters to feed across a variety of historical backdrops. The latest update sees Om Nom through the Asian Dynasty for more candy munching action. [£1.49 -- with in-app purchases]

AOL On: A video news app delivering you content from AOL's partners all over the world. With the newest and best stories of the day, in the world of entertainment, technology, sports, and breaking news. All delivered directly to your phone. [Free]


iPad Apps

15 Coins: It seems like a simple concept, collect 15 coins to win. Unfortunately you have a number of clones whose sole purpose is to destroy you. You're always moving in this arcade game, and you have to turn your device around to navigate. It's always increasing in difficulty, so getting those 15 coveted coins will be a challenge. [£0.69]

Harrods Magazine: Everybody knows what Harrods is, but you may not be aware that they have a magazine. The app includes the latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends told through video interviews, editorial articles and an interactive make-up studio. You will need a subscription, but the latest version includes improved navigation and information in Harrods' in-store services. [Free -- with subscription]

Footpath Route Planner & Running Maps: Last week we had an Android app that was similar to this, Footpath is a way to plan out your own routes on a mapping app without the need for GPS. Whether it's mapping out a route ahead of time, or retracing your own steps later on. The new version has iCloud backups, and a premium map support for outdoor areas not covered by the likes of Google. [£0.69]

Polar Bowler: Winter may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some arctic-based winter sports. The aim is to ride a rubber tube down 70 different courses and knock down enough pins along the way to proceed. Each course has its own challenges and requires its own strategy to get all three stars. [£0.69]

FTL - Faster Than Light: The popular PC game has made it to the iPad. Take control of a spaceship and a crew armed with secrets that can turn the tide of a galactic civil war. Balance the need of having enough fuel to complete your goal, with purchasing upgrades, and ensuring your ship remains in tact. Can you make it to the end? Will you defeat the Rebel's flagship? [£6.99]


Android Apps

Time Hop: What were you doing a year ago? Chances are you're like me and have no idea. Time Hop takes a gander at your various social media platforms and lets you know what you were up to in days gone past. Maybe you'll find yourself nostalgic for the past, or maybe you'll just cringe at the stupid things you recorded. My money is on cringe. Just be aware, you will need a Facebook profile to log-in. [Free]

Reactr - Messenger + Reactions: Have you ever been frustrated by stupid responses like "lol" "lmao" or simply "k"? Reactr is a way to get around that, because it will film and send you the reaction, which can then be downloaded and re-used. So basically curating your own personal selection of reaction GIFs. Before you get worried about the privacy aspect, no reactions are sent back without being approved by the person who was filmed. [Free]

GoT News: Season Four of the immensely popular fantasy series Game of Thrones started last night, and if you're one of the fans who can't get enough of the land of Westeros then you need this app. GoT News is a way to keep yourself up to date with news, videos, and blogs. [Free]

Coursera: If there's anything the internet is good for, aside from the abundance of cat photos, it's learning. Now available on Android, Coursera is a collection of hundreds of online courses from over 100 universities across the globe. With 20 different subjects to study available anytime and anywhere, there is no excuse for not swotting up. [Free]

CameraCast for Chromecast: A cool little tool to pair your device with Chromecast and stream pictures on your TV. Every time you tap the screen the image will change, so it's a perfect alternative to a projector. Or, you can set it to change the image automatically and create your own custom slideshow. [Free]



Windows Phone Apps

2048: An interesting puzzle game that we featured as an Android app last week, where you are assigned a collection of random numbers and have to merge them to get to 2048. Why 2048? Hell if I know. It definitely sounds like a challenging one, and I can imagine people getting a tad obsessed about reaching the coveted number. [Free]

Hexic: Anybody who owned an Xbox 360 will remember this one. Spin the hexagons to match three of the same colour together, and make your way through over 100 different levels. [Free]

Facebook Beta: The only official Facebook app for Windows Phone has had a new update that should make your social experience easier. With faster and more reliable notifications, redesigned tiles, and improvements to the messaging and chat functions. If you're a Facebook user, it's something you can't do without. [Free]

SoundCloud+: A third party app that gives you full, and unlimited, access to SoundCloud. Everything you can do in a desktop browser, you can do in SoundCloud+. Whether it's browsing, listening, liking, and in some cases downloading. You can craft your own playlists, and even pin tracks and playlists to your phone's home screen. [Free]

Frozen Paint: Considering Disney's latest offering has made a serious amount of cash, there's no doubting how popular it is. Frozen Paint is your typical stay-within-the-lines colouring app that should keep kids entertained for a good long while. [Free]