The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Curating apps isn't as easy as you might think. Some weeks can have so many new releases that I have trouble deciding what to include, while others have so few that I struggle to actually fill up the list. Fortunately this week is a good week, and a lot of incredibly cool stuff has been released. Enjoy.


iPhone Apps

Tastebuds: Tastebuds is a way to connect with people around you via the power of music. By scanning your music library, Tastebuds will find people nearby who share the same musical interests as you. Whether you want to meet new people, or find common ground with someone you've already met, Tastebuds is a great app that's there for you. [Free]

LoveBeginsAt: Dating websites tend to market themselves at a younger audience, usually 20-30 somethings. LoveBeginsAt is a dating website for people over the age of 45, and functions as a mobile version of the website itself. Whether it's for you, or someone you know, it's a great way for middle-aged people to meet new people and get in touch. [Free]

Carousel by Dropbox: Carousel is a service from the folks behind Dropbox ( who would've guessed that?), designed to be the one place where you'll keep a back-up of your images and videos. Anything you take will be automatically backed up and organised, so you'll never lose anything again, nor will you struggle to find that one incredible shot. [Free]

Mingleton: Mingleton is an app designed around breaking the ice and getting touch with people nearby. Designed to let someone anonymously know that you're willing to mingle, you can find out if they're willing to mingle as well. Once you're interacting you can find out which mutual friends you have, what interests you share, and so on. A great way to meet new people, especially if you're at a party and don't know anybody. [Free]

Flappy Mayor: Another Flappy Bird clone, this time based around London's Mayor Boris Johnson. Whether you think he's a loveable oaf, of a bumbling idiot, it's an interesting way to play the game that has already captivated so many people. [Free]


iPad Apps

Snupps: If you're like me you have lots of things, and stuff (things and stuff Cooorl!). Snupps is a great way to organise those things, and let you keep track of the masses of stuff that you own. While this may seem like a hoarder's wet dream, it does have practical applications. Whether you're moving home, taking business inventory, or you have a large collection of comics that you need to catalogue (guilty), it's an awesome way to keep track of everything you own. [Free]

Hopster TV: Television might be a great way to keep kids quiet for a little while, but you can't be 100 per cent sure that it's safe and they won't get up to no good (as children my brother and I accidental charged a bunch of Sky Box Office films to my dad's bill). Hopster TV is the only app that's been rated U by the BBFC and has hundreds of episodes of television for children aged two to six. There are no ads and no hidden in-app purchases, just a plain-old subscription. [Free -- with subscription]

Color Splash: Let's casually ignore that this app is using the horrendous American spelling for the word colour and focus on what it can actually do. Color Splash is a photo editing tool that lets you choose what colours you want to show on your photos. It works by turning the picture black-and-white, and lets you 'paint' the areas you want restored to their original tone. A new update includes increased ability to adjust the hue, as well as a brand new interface. Fantastic if you can't use Photoshop. [£0.69]

Concepts - Smarter Sketching: A dedicated sketching app that makes sketching on your iPad as natural as the real thing. Whether you're into architecture, design, or maybe you want to class up your doodles, you can't go wrong with Concepts. This is a brand new update with masses of new features, including the likes of instant loading, real-scale-paper, and lowered power consumption. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

George R R Martin's A World of Ice and Fire:  A definitive guide to the books that formed the basis for the HBO series Game of Thrones. With profiles for characters, locations, book excerpts, and interactive maps of the amazing fantasy lands, this is a must for any fan of the series (TV or book). Don't be worried about spoilers though, the app has a built in spoiler filter to ensure you never see anything you don't want to. [Free -- with in-app purchases]


Android Apps

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Distiller: I used to work in a restaurant that had an insane amount of whiskey on offer and because I don't know a damn thing about the stuff, having this app around would've been a massive help. Distiller is packed with data for you to analyse, personalised recommendation on what you should drink next, and room to make your own notes. In a nutshell, it is the ultimate portable whiskey guide. [Free]

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Mailbox: Dropbox's email service has made the jump from iOS to Android. Mailbox is designed to sync with your Gmail or iCloud accounts (if you have one that is), to provide you with an email app that is simple, fast, and mobile friendly. The best feature is definitely that the app will organise your emails into one conversation, so you don't need to sift through your email inbox to find what people have sent you in the past. [Free]

Javelin Browser: Now this is one I like. Javelin is a mobile specific browser with one very important function -- it has an ad blocker built in. You could install the AdBlock app, but that involves using the Amazon App store which can be a hassle. Javelin also includes a reading mode, which removes all the useless clutter on webpages, and One Touch navigation for everything. Honestly, you can't go wrong with this. [Free -- with optional proxy subscription]

Knock Lock: This is more of a gimmick than an app of actual use, but Knock Lock allows you to select an area of your screen that you can 'knock' to put your device into sleep mode. You can't unlock a phone the same way, but it could be a handy app -- even if it's just to wow your friends. [Free]

Downtyme: Life is busy, that's one of the few constants we can be sure of. Fitting everything in around your work schedule can be a pain, especially when you factor in everybody else's schedules. By using Downtyme, you'l be able to compare schedules and find the optimum time to chillax with your friends. Better yet, it will also use algorithms to determine which of your friends you're likely to spend time with. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Guess the Movie: Do you think you're a movie buff? How about you put it to the test with Guess the Movie. With a similar gameplay style to Hangman, Guess the Movie shows you a picture clue and has you type out the name of the film in question. This'll keep you occupied for hours. [Free]

McDonalds: Ah McDonalds, everybody's favourite supplier of obesity fast food. The app functions as a restaurant locator, with directions to your nearest location, as well as including the full menu, and all the offers and deals currently available. [Free]

imgura: Everybody's (read: Reddit's) favourite image hosting service, Imgur is more than that. Imgur has it's own community which Windows Phone user can now be a part of with imgura. Upload your own images, browse existing submissions, comment, get into arguments, and more. Everything you can do on Imgur is there on imgura. [Free]

Twickets: This one is a free-to-use ticket exchange that allows people to buy and sell spare tickets they might have, as long as they're not ridiculously over-priced. Whether it's music, sport, or even train tickets, Twickets is a great way to make sure both buyer and seller don't miss out on anything. [Free]

RingGo: Paying for parking is a pain, especially if you forgot to bring some change with you. RingGo is a pay-by-phone service that is currently in use at over 4,000 parking sites across the country, put in place by 60 local authorities and numerous private parking companies. In-app you can register your vehicles, pay, and top-up. [Free]