The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

This is the first week where I've really felt like summer is nearly here, mostly because I had to root about in the wardrobe to find my desk fan.  With the lovely weather on it's way I plan on taking full advantage of it: staying inside with the curtains closed, as usual. Incidentally, that's also what I'm doing now so you can your weekly apps-update fix.


iPhone Apps

miDrive: Driving is probably one of the most useful skills you can learn, unless you live in a big city with great public transport like London or New York. The first trick is finding yourself a decent instructor, the second is passing your tests. miDrive will help you out there. With a list of driving instructors (searchable by area), finding one will be a cinch. As a bonus theory practise test is included, so all you need to worry about is passing the actual test. [Free]

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Opera Coast: It's been out on iPad available for a while, but the beautifully crafted Opera Coast is now available on the iPhone. Without buttons filling up the screen with unnecessary clutter, Opera Coast really is one of the most visually appealing browsers available. It's also easy to use, so it won't be a major jump from whatever you use now. [Free]

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Squerb: Ratings are usually fairly one-dimensional, and you can't really get any specifics from them. Squerb is a visual rating system, allowing you to express your opinion with extreme accuracy, whatever the subject matter. Did you go to a restaurant with great food but awful staff? You can't normally show that without wordy sentences, but you can with Squerb. Once you're done, simply share it with your friends and show them exactly what you think. [Free]

Wist: Picking a restaurant is hard, it's even harder if you're in a brand new area on holiday or visiting friends. Wist helps you find the top five restaurants, bars, or coffee shops nearby. But when I say "top five," I don't mean the five places with the top ratings. Wist is great since it personalises its results around you -- provided you're logged in with Facebook (sorry guys). Better still, it works internationally, so if you do go on holiday you'll be able to find something you like. [Free]

Everplaces: People have different memories for different things, and locations might not be yours. Everplaces will make sure that you never forget a place again. Whether it's the basics like restaurants or dry cleaners, or something more obscure like your favourite park bench, Everplaces will mark that location for you. The app also lets you create your own personalised maps and travel guides to share with your friends. [Free]


iPad Apps

Vevo: Anybody who listens to music on YouTube will have heard of Vevo. It's a way to hear some of the latest tracks without them being pulled down by those dreaded copyright notices. The app offers you all the same music videos, but in their own dedicated portal. Version 3.0 has a shiny new design, a real-time feed, and now a mini-player to watch videos while you browse away. [Free]

Readquick: Do you want to learn how to read faster but would rather read what you normally would, rather than generic boring teaching stuff? Readquick will download content from your Paper, Instapaper, or Readability lists so that what you're reading is at least interesting. You set the speed, and Readquick will show the article one word at a time to help you improve how fast you read and, more importantly, how much you retain. [£6.99]

The Talks: For those of you interested in hearing about the lives of celebrities, this is the app for you. The Talks is an magazine style app filled with interviews with various famous people. At the moment you've got the likes of Mike Tyson, Woody Allen, and digital music entrepreneur Neil Young. It's updated weekly, so there shouldn't be any shortage of content for you to browse. [Free]

SwiftKey Note: I've talked about SwiftKey Note before, that wonderful iOS note taking app with tagging and Evernote synchronisation. Well they've had an update after listening to user feedback. Now the app works in landscape mode, has a search function, and the option to delete or edit your existing tags. [Free]

Leo's Fortune: A nice looking sidescroller where you play as Leo, a moustachioed fuzzball, who is on a quest to retrieve his stolen fortune. To do so you must traverse 14 levels, dodging various traps along the way. Beat the game without dying and you'll even win a special prize! [£2.99]


Android Apps

IFTTT: Another app that has finally made it to Android from iOS. IFTTT lets you create "recipes", which are basically commands that let you do cool things with your phone. Maybe you want all your Instagram photos automatically shared to Flickr, or a text message whenever you get a Twitter notification -- well IFTTT will do it for you. Fantastic tool to make your device a little bit more interesting. [Free]

Chrome Remote Desktop: Nice and simple, this one will let you access your computer (provided it's online) from your Android device. No messing around and no games, all you need is the app on both your phone and your computer. [Free]

Auto-Response SMS: You can't always answer the phone, and when you can't answer you probably want people to know why. Auto-Response SMS, as the name suggests, will automatically reply to all of your missed calls. There are five default replies to choose from, and you can set a nine custom replies to various numbers, including all unknown numbers. Useful for driving, or whatever reason you have for not picking up. [£0.59]

CloudCaster: If there's one thing Chromecast could use, aside from screen mirroring/extension, it's making media streaming a little easier. CloudCaster is one such app, transmitting compatible media files from the cloud to your Chromecast. Because it's all from the cloud, rather than streaming straight from your device, you don't have to worry about old (read: slow) devices messing with the stream. [Free]

XCOM - Enemy Unknown: A console game that was ported to iOS with surprisingly non-terrible results, XCOM Enemy Unknown has made it to Android devices. It's a strategic combat game played over randomly generated levels. Recruit your soldiers, level them up, and unlock new weapons and technology. [£7.14]


Windows Phone Apps

Nokia MixRadio: Nokia's music streaming service which promises to be free, personalised, and devoid of any dreaded ads. The new version will automatically refresh your offline mixes, lets you search for new mixes, and recommends new ones based on your profile. [Free -- Lumia Exclusive]

Spondle (UK Events): Got some free time but don't know how to spend it? Spondle is an app designed to help you find events in your local area, or further afield. Whether it's sport, theatre, music, comedy, or the recently added cinema, you shouldn't ever be bored again. [Free]

Pepper: If Spondle is more general and personal, Pepper is more specific and social. Pepper is designed to let you find music gigs anywhere and everywhere, as well as various options to keep your friends in the know. Track events in the in-app calendar, buy tickets, and you can also follow your friends' app activity. Updates include WP8.1 optimisation, as well as integration with Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest [Free]

Wowcher: Finally making its way to Windows Phone is Wowcher, the network that sends you the best deals both nationally and locally. Save yourself up to 80 per cent off on holidays, gadgets, meals out and more. [Free]

Space Invaders: This doesn't even need a description, it's Space Invaders. No more, no less. It's not the classic game you might remember, it's a modern remake. The gameplay is the same, but you get some shiny new graphics, nine weapons, three levels of difficulty, and over 140 stages to play through. [Free]