These Transformable Living Spaces are Coming to New-Builds Near You

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Was a time when transformable living spaces which flip, fold and swivel to maximise storage and style were the preserve of bespoke furniture. But no longer—as these gorgeous units from German manufacturer Häfele illustrate.

On show as Holz-Handwerk—the European trade fair for woodworking—last week, they're aimed at designers and builders who want to kit out homes and offices en masse, but with a healthy dose of style. And boy, would we love a place kitted out with this stuff.

This furniture is far from static: it spins, pivots, flips, slides and shifts, either by hand or tiny hidden electric motor, to reveal all manner of cleverly designed storage and display spaces. That could be anything from the neat pivoting desktop to the beautiful spinning shoe storage. Check out the video below, captured by Core 77, to see some of it in action.

As it's intended for use by commercial organisations, prices and availability are a little elusive. But at least with this kind of thing becoming increasingly common, you might not have to wait long before you next apartments comes dripping in the stuff. [Häfele via Core77]