Turn Your Car's Cup Holders Into a Wireless Smartphone Charger

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Your car's cup holders were originally designed to hold beverages, but odds are most of us have repurposed them to hold our smartphones instead. So Zens has created a simple slotted insert that turns cup holders into chargers if your smartphone supports wireless charging.

Available mid-April for around €69.99 (£60), the ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger connects to your vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter and, once plugged in, you no longer have to worry about wrangling additional cables. You just insert a Qi-compatible smartphone (with a 5-inch or smaller display) into the slot and it will start charging.

It's inevitable that at some point cars will come with wireless charging slots or pads as a standard feature, but until that time this seems like a really easy way to upgrade your vehicle to those capabilities. [Zens]