Two-Lens Google Glass Patent Hints at True RoboCop Vision

By Gerald Lynch on at

If I'm going to have to look like a dick for the sake of augmenting my world RoboCop-style with a pair of smartglasses, they may as well go the whole hog with a two-lens, 3D set-up. A newly uncovered patent suggests that Google will deliver just that with any Glass successor it has planned.

The USPTO patent, filed back in September 2011, describes a Glass-like headset that would use two screens to overlay augmented reality information onto the world around you, compared to the single above-eye display currently used in Google Glass.

Using two screens (which appear to be placed directly in front of the eyes), there's obviously an issue about wearing the specs out and about without crashing into a lampost. But the patent, filed by Google Glass lead Max Braun, seems to factor that in, with the transparent displays adjusting colour, contrast and hue on the fly to match your surroundings and help you navigate the world less clumsily.

Filed three years ago, the patent has had plenty of time to make its way through Google's development labs. With Glass receiving a mixed response from both the tech media and public alike, could a version like this receive a warmer reception? [GGlasDay, GlassAlmanac via Phandroid]