Use Your Favourite USB Keyboard on Your Phone With This Backup Battery

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It can be hard to choose a backup battery when the market is as flooded as the market for Bluetooth speakers and iPhone cases. Manufacturers are now finding ways to include added value with their emergency power supplies, like Cerevo's new EneBrick that can turn your favourite USB keyboard into a wireless Bluetooth accessory for your tablet or smartphone.

In addition to a decent 6,000 mAh power supply—enough to top off your smartphone a couple of times—the EneBrick includes an extra USB port letting you attach a tethered keyboard of your choice. The external battery then connects to your mobile device over Bluetooth, converting and passing along every keystroke.

It seems like the perfect solution for road warriors whose phones or tablets won't last a full day, and who refuse to switch to a cramped mobile keyboard. There's no definitive word on whether the battery will be obtainable directly from the Cerevo store, where it is expected to sell for $124 (£75). The company does have a European reseller that stocks Cerevo products, and Amazon will likely stock it too. [Cerevo via Tech-On!]