What's Your Biggest Online Fail?

By Robert Sorokanich on at

A few weeks ago, we had a nice little chat where we described our proudest online accomplishments. It was fun! But now it's time we cut ourselves back down to size. Today, we'll be admitting our biggest online fails.

Come, share with us your groaners, your head-slappers, your queasiness-triggers. Tell us your embarrassing, mortifying, revolting, cringe-inducing tales of online woe. It could be internet dates gone horribly wrong, flame wars that got your ass torched, embarrassing photos (or videos) that went viral, hideously misguided things you wrote that will forever haunt you, whatever. Hop in the comment section below and tell us a terrible tale.

This is a safe space. Let's get some embarrassment off our chests.

Image: Shutterstock / LoloStock