Which of These New Renewable Energy Projects Actually Look Decent?

By Chris Mills on at

The government has given the green light to £12bn worth of investment in eight new renewable energy projects, a mix of wind and biomass, that's expected to add around 4% of Britain's energy capacity when it's up and running. Question is, which (if any) do you reckon are actually worthwhile?


Burbo Bank

Type: Offshore wind, 25 turbines
Capacity: 258MW
Owner: Dong Energy



Type: Offshore wind, 67 turbines
Capacity: 400MW
Owner: Statoil/Statkraft


Project One

Type:  Offshore wind, around 200 turbines
Capacity: 1.2GW
Owner: consortium


Walney Array Extension

Type: Offshore wind, 93 turbines
Capacity: 660MW
Owner: Dong Energy


Beatrice Wind Farm

Type: Offshore wind, 184 turbines
Capacity: 664MW
Owner: SSE Renewables/SeaEnergy Renewables



Type: Biomass (converted from coal)
Capacity: 300MW
Owner: Drax



Type: Biomass
Capacity: 420MW
Owner:  RWE nPower



Type: Biomass
Capacity: 300MW
Owner: MGT Power

On the one hand, I reckon any new power additions -- especially renewables -- are welcome; on the other, I'm still not sold on the merits of wind farms as an effective use of land or resources, and biomass has serious knock-on effects on the price of food. Not to mention, four percent capacity is a drop in the bucket compared with what we'll be losing when all the nuclear plants shut down in the future.