Why the Nokia Lumia 1320 is the Ideal Commuting Companion

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A lengthy journey to work may be an unavoidable part of your day, but who says that has to be wasted time? The Nokia Lumia 1320 smartphone’s six-inch, 720p HD display makes it the ideal mobile device for those clammy, confined carriages.

Whether you’re catching up on the latest bloody episodes of Game of Thrones, chasing a new high score in Minion Rush, or blasting away at the Covenant forces in Halo: Spartan Assault, the Lumia 1320 can be loaded up with entertaining items to suit all tastes. And, thanks to a large and detailed screen, you’re put right into the heart of the action -- even if you’re face-to-face with that standard of the rail network; the armpit patch.

But what about once you’ve ploughed through all the latest episodes of your favourite show, and beaten all the bosses in your hardest games? 4G download speeds will let you update your movie and game libraries in moments, pushing brand new content to your phone over the airwaves in just a few seconds.

When playtime is over, there’s far more to the Lumia 1320 than just games and movies. With the handset running on the Windows Phone platform, you’ll have access to the full Microsoft Office suite for document editing, while social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram are just a few taps away.

That big display is also perfect for helping navigate the world around you. The Nokia HERE Maps app offers a futuristic way of exploring your surroundings, using the augmented reality LiveSight feature to overlay information onto the world around you through the window of your Lumia display.

Everything from real-time traffic flow to public transport schedules can be checked in the app, while it’ll also let you know the precise weather details to expect at your destination. The mapping app also lets you create “Collections”, a categorised list of all your favourite places, or those you’d like to visit in the future, as well as offering details about those locations — perfect for planning a trip around an unfamiliar place. Best of all, HERE Maps also offers up a full offline mode, meaning you can access mapping data for 95 countries whenever you need it — even when an internet connection is unavailable.

We’re all strapped for cash these days, and picking up both a smartphone and a tablet can feel like a serious indulgence. The Nokia Lumia 1320, being both pocketable and also equipped with an eye-popping screen, takes away the stress of choosing between the two. Why fret over having both when you can have the two in one at a fraction of the price?

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