World's Thickest Bike Thief Phones Victim for Help Recharging It

By Chris Mills on at

It's always fun to laugh at thieves getting it dramatically, tragically wrong, and this case -- of the bike thief who inadvertently called the owner shortly after nicking his electric bike -- is definitely no exception.

Ben Jaconelli had his £2,500 Go Cycle stolen from where it had been locked up in Hackney. However, Mr Jaconelli also runs e-bike website Fully Charged, and as a result, got a call from the thief a few minutes later, wondering how he could get hold of a charger for the Go Cycle:

"I’m the authorised dealer for Go Cycle’s in the area so the thief called me, unaware that it was my bike. He asked for a charger for a Go Cycle and I knew straight away it had to be the thief."

As you do, he then piled into a scary-looking ex-Army truck with some of his mates, and went round to collect his bike. Needless to say, it was handed back without too much fuss. [Metro]