Would You Care if British Number Plates Took on the EU Design?

By Gerald Lynch on at

The UK's traditional yellow-rear and white-front car number plates may be under threat, as an EU vote concerning a standardised European plate system goes to the vote.

Proposed by the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, the proposal is intended to make it simpler for UK motorists to trade their vehicles across the EU, and to cut down on fraud in inter-European motor sales. While the initial proposal did not outline any enforced design changes, a unified design has now been backed by a number of influential European MPs.

If supported by the vote, the proposal could lead to a single common colour for plates being introduced across Europe, likely with the EU 12-star logo included. It would also put personalised comedy number plates at risk.

So what do you think? Would you be prepared to give up your personalised yellow "PENI5" plate for a smoother European sale further down the line? Or would you rather the UK kept its unique, arguably-iconic plate style? [Express]

Image Credit: Heavy Traffic on British Motorway from Shutterstock.com