Would You Want to Know Your Death Date?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's considering a seemingly quite morbid plan to issue pensioners with an estimated date of death, as part of a shake-up of the pension scheme designed to encourage people to take better care of their finances in old age. Is that horrifying, or would you actually like to know when you're likely to die?

I quite like the idea of having a fairly firm end date. Knowing when you're going to expire means you can format the hard drive, clear your phone's search history, wash the sheets, bin the weird bits of paper and potentially incriminating photos you've kept over the years and get to say goodbye in a decent manner. You could also make sure someone's got your social media logins and passwords so they can maybe rustle up two or three people for the funeral. It's the only way to go, surely?

The problem with this plan is that's it's extremely vague. Lifestyle factors would be taken into account when determining your own personal expiry date, so it's likely to be a simple case of assuming you'll make it to about 82, unless you smoke, in which case a few years get taken off -- and a decade or two will be sliced off your estimated lifespan if you live alone or in Glasgow.

Would you sign up for a death date, or would the idea of living too long and spending the last few years waiting to pass be too miserable a prospect to face? [Guardian]

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