Xbox One April Update Gets Friendly, Rolls Out

By Gerald Lynch on at

In what's now becoming a monthly tradition, Microsoft has today released its latest system update for the Xbox One console. Detailed previously, it sees Microsoft make good on its promise to improve the console's Friends system, as well as tweaking 50Hz video output support.

On the Friends front, gamers will now receive a notification when their pals come online, pointing out when they are up for a multiplayer bout too. The Blu-ray player now supports 50Hz video output for for content recorded at 50Hz, while the console's GameDVR will have its video quality improved though a new algorithm.

Game and app saves and updates will now have a progress bar to show you how far from completion a download is, and it'll also be clearer which games or apps have recently updated. Kinect voice and motion commands have been fine tuned further, particularly dialling back the amount of unwanted motion gestures. Wireless connectivity issues that some experienced with the console controller have been ironed out, and audio static from the headset has been dialled back too.

Finally, a the console will now perform a silent reboot after a system update completes, while users will be able to manually trigger a console update as soon as it becomes available.

The update is live now, so should be ready and waiting for you the next time you switch your console on. [Xbox]