Xbox One/FIFA 14 Bundle Available For a Low, Low £329

By Chris Mills on at

Overclockers is basically giving away free Xbox Ones (we wish!), as they've chopped the price of a Xbox One/FIFA 14 bundle down to £329.

Considering that the Xbox One launched for £429 back in 2013, and FIFA 14 sells for £36 on Amazon, that's getting on for a 40 per cent discount in less than six months. Either it's a great deal and Microsoft is just full of super-generous people, or the Xbox One isn't selling quite as well as the Redmond boys had hoped. Given the Xbox One's sold about five million units to the PS4's seven mil, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Anyway, if the deal has tickled your fancy, hop over to Overclockers with credit card in slightly-sweaty hand, as there's no knowing how long it'll last. [Overclockers via Eurogamer]