You Can Now Buy and Sell Virtual Currency on eBay

By Tom Pritchard on at

It turns out eBay has quietly added a new category to its ever-popular auction site which allows users to buy and sell virtual currency on the site.

The listings are sparsely populated at this point in time and, according to an eBay spokesperson, are only to be listed as classified ads; a move that suggests that eBay wants each party to sort out their transaction outside of their jurisdiction. By doing so, it means that eBay isn't liable if some poor sucker gets conned out of their life savings.

eBay has long had a no-nonsense policy against digitally downloaded items, especially frowning up upon receiving digital items via the postal service. This makes the whole situation rather strange, since current listings for Dogecoin notes that cryptographic keys to the currency will be sent in the post.

In fact the whole situation seems like an odd move since currencies like Bitcoin are direct competitors to eBay's PayPal service and that recent patents have shown that eBay is working towards its own cryptocurrency. Whatever the end result, what is definite is that buying fake currency just got a little bit easier. [TechCrunch]