You Can Now Get a Scout Badge in Media Awareness

By Gerald Lynch on at

To be a top-tier Scout these days, it's just not enough to know how to pitch a tent or start a campfire from scratch. Today, the Scout Association updates its badge awards system, recognising more modern skills and achievements, including fundraising abilities and "media awareness". So that's a badge for Instagramming your packed lunch and starting a blog about it from within your tent then?

Other skills that will now be rewarded with a badge include disability awareness, gardening, space knowledge, environmental knowledge, and air and sea navigation. Traditional Scout skills will also be rewarded with new badges, including one for those that hike, camp and sleep out under the night sky, and another for those that camp out for 200 night across their entire Scouts careers. The new badges are introduced following a 10-month consultation period, taking in the views of more than 12,000 Scout members. [Guardian]

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