You Definitely Can't Afford a Round-the-World Trip in a Four Seasons Jet

By Mario Aguilar on at

Most of us can't afford the luxury of being comfortable while traveling, but if you're loaded, fancy hotel chain the Four Seasons wants to fly you around the world on a nine-destination trip in a black Boeing 757. Forget adventure. This is luxury.

According to Bloomberg, the problem is that rich people aren't throwing around their money as liberally as they should be. The solution? Cram 233 passengers in a plane, brand it with Four Seasons services and luxuries, and fly them around on a 24-day trip that makes its way from Los Angeles to London by way of exotic destinations like Thailand, India, and Turkey. Have you heard about Asia? It's so wild.

You'll attend a private gala Prague and generally be pampered the entire time, ensuring you don't mix with the locals. And don't worry, you won't be forced to hang with normals as though this is some budget Euro tour bus—because the $130,000 (£77,500) per person ($120,000 (£71,500) each if you're travelling in a pair) price tag ensures only other boring rich people will come with you.

It seems like you could have a real adventure for that much money—but then, planning your own vacation is so tiresome. [Bloomberg]