Zeebox Social TV App Becomes Beamly as Female-Focussed Redesign Rolls Out

By Gerald Lynch on at

Tweeting and telly watching go hand in hand these days, and leading the second-screen charge over the past two years has been Zeebox. Today, the app gets a significant redesign and with it a name change -- Zeebox is now Beamly.

Noting that two-thirds of its userbase is now female, Beamly is doubling down on its social aspects -- it basically wants to become the go-to social network for TV viewers.

“The initial phase of social television and second screen was limited to apps providing a companion experience for audiences while watching TV,"  said Ernesto Schmitt, CEO and co-founder.

"However, people’s emotional engagement with TV spans the whole day: they want to read up on stories about the shows and stars they love in the morning, discuss plotlines over the watercooler in the afternoon, and carefully plan what to watch in the evening – long before ever switching on the TV itself. While they watch, they want a great interactive experience that synchs with what’s on screen. And after the show is over, they want to chat and share socially with other fans. Beamly for the first time brings together all of these touchpoints with TV in a single app, all day long."

Ditching the Zeebox orange-look for (arguably patronising, given the userbase shift) pinks and purples, Beamly allows you to follow shows and celebrities, receiving updates on them in the home screen feed. Zeebox's core live-TV interactions remain, but this is housed now  primarily under the "TV Rooms" section, where users can find fans with similar tastes to their own. Beamly is available on Android and iPhone, as well as through its desktop site. [Beamly]