25MB is All You Need for the PiCore 5.3 Raspberry Pi Linux OS

By Gerald Lynch on at

With a pint-sized PC like the Raspberry Pi, it's fitting that it be paired with similarly small software. But managing to get a working operating system out of just 25MB? That's no mean feat.

The team responsible for the Tiny Core Linux operating system have pulled it off though, revealing PiCore 5.3 this week. Featuring an updated kernel and Raspberry Pi firmware, it's squeezed into just 24.7MB of disk space. So small and efficient is it that it is actually designed to run from RAM, meaning you can pop it onto an SD card, running the disk image without a proper installation.

So what do you get for 25MB? Not a hell of a lot, as you'd expect. Though you get a GUI and desktop to play about with, that's about it. There's not even a file manager here, let alone relatively fancy apps like a word processor or paint tool. You'll have to provide any extra bells and whistles yourself. Think of PiCore as a jumping off point for your new adventures in Raspberry Pi building then, rather than a complete solution in and of itself. [DistroWatch via Liliputing]