A Colouring Book for Those Who've Mastered Staying Inside the Lines

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Remember how your parents and grade school teachers kept chiding you to make sure you only coloured within the lines? And you wondered why it was so important? Well, here's your answer. Peter Deligdisch's Between The Lines is a colouring book for experts that will put all of your coloured pencil and crayon skills to the ultimate test.

Available as a print-at-home PDF for $7 (£4) from Peter's site, or a £9 paperback from Amazon, the 22 pieces of hand-drawn artwork in the book look like you might actually need a microscope if you have any hopes of actually colouring within the lines. But if you fail, thankfully you won't be facing a disappointed look from your grade one teacher, Mrs. Smith. [Peter Draws via Dude I Want That]